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We are attempting to make a web page that everyone can enjoy. 

A web page that you can tell your friends to look at to see what you have on your own page. (your page is found by clicking on your name in the “Class of” page) 

A web page that you can keep up on events and class mates. (with your input) 

I can put up most anything you wish, on your page or other pages that you may wish to contribute. 

I can expand the web page as we see fit.  One suggestion is to include other classes.  No problem as long as I have some help with the physical typing. 

Please send to me anything you would like the world to see.  Addresses, e-mail addresses, pictures, events and even grand children.  I know I will put up my grand children so you all know how I AM BLESSED. 

You can e-mail most anything (I do not convert Mac files).  You can mail your pictures for scanning, but I will take forever to retype your documents (send by e-mail or in data files). 

E-mail to “Webmaster”  Click Here


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