Betty Bierley Holling

I was sorry I was unable to make it to the reunion last year but we had a trip planned that I could not resist.  
I will make it to the next one - hard to believe it will be 50 years!   

Doug and I are both retired and do a lot of goofing off - we enjoy doing photography and traveling around to do so.  
We are leaving next week to do a fall color trip to Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan, and also to visit our
grandchildren in Wis. and Iowa.  We have 10 grandchildren, 3 in WI, 3 in Iowa and 4 in Colorado and they are a
lot of fun!  We also have 2 dogs that we spoil rotten.


Doug & Betty Bierley Holling
1634 Murfield Lane
Evergreen, CO 80439