Connie Smith Enlow

Connie and Peaches 5_16_03 at new house

      In Formal for a dance                       Connie and Peaches

                   A train trip

Top are my grandchildren Taylor, Bentley and Stilmon. The bottom is myself in Ecuador. Look at the circles
under my eyes. We worked long hours but it was a great experience.

       The overview from 1955 to present;
It is a challenge to chronicle almost 50 years. I will hit the high spots. I went to Mercy Hospital School of Nursing
when I graduated from high school. I affiliated in Louisville during my training and fell in love with Kentucky. I moved
to Kentucky after graduation and worked at a local hospital. I married in 1960 and all of our children were born in the
60's. It was a busy and fulfilling ten years. I was busy doing volunteer work during the next decade as the children
grew. In the 80's I went back to school and got my bachelors in nursing. During that decade I became single and
began working at Shriners Hospital for Children. My children began growing up and leaving home. I got my master in
nursing in the early 90's and continued to work until 1999. I have had the opportunity to travel both in the states and
abroad. I went on medical missions to Russia and Ecuador in the 90's and then again to Ecuador in 2000. They were
very rewarding. Today I have time to enjoy the grandchildren, family and friends; help a friend in a linen shop with book
work; read; and play with my computer. I still love Kentucky and all my children live fairly close. I am a deacon in my
church but I have been careful to not spread myself too thin so that I can go when the opportunity arises. I have a cat,
Tabitha, and a dog, Peaches. Unfortunately Peaches chases the cat but she is getting much easier after a long puppy
stage. Many obedience classes are helping. I feel blessed to have been a part of Portsmouth High School and to be
able to continue friendships that span many years.