Don Warner

Just a few words from an old class mate. Don P. Warner.

Here is a small update on me and my career since 1955. In April 1954 I enlisted in the
OARNG. Went to work full time for them in 1966. Had a few other jobs along the way, just
as everyone else did. In 1987 the military sent me for a periodic examination, which I failed
the hearing portion. They returned me back to Portsmouth, allowed me to complete a total
of 33 years military service and 20 plus years as a Federal Tech. They retired me under a
medical. I retired as a Master Sergeant Grade E-8. I was married on July 13, 1963 to the love
of my life, Miss Marilyn Miller, from the Wheelersburg area. We have 2 daughters, Stephanie
Maellen, age 34, and Kaci Michelle Moore, age 29. 1 grandson, David Michael Moore, born
Jan 26, 2000.

In February of 1999 I was told I had prostate cancer. In May of 1999 I had it removed and was
given a clean bill of health. I did not have to have Chemo, or Radiation treatments. I spent 22
years as the Association Secretary of the Portsmouth Men's Bowling Association. I am still a
league secretary of 3 leagues. Secretary of a golf league. Coordinator of golf outings, & all bowling
trips. We just returned from Reno, NV in 2001, where I took a total of 19 - 5 man bowling teams.
I am taking 10 5 man teams to Billings, MT in May of 2002, and I will be taking a total of 24 - 5
man teams to Knoxville, TN in may of 2003. I was recognized as the 3rd highest squad organizer
for bowling teams in Reno.

Well enough on me. I will try to set down and put a bio together on myself. I know when I read
the news letter, I enjoy finding out what all of our class has done with their lives. Please return
an answer to me.

Thanks Don P. Warner Class of "55"