Donna McCally Boren



Larry & Donna 5_13_03

Larry, Jordan (4 yrs.), Donna and Kasie (3 yrs.), Stephanie (17) and
Captain the dog (11 yrs.)

Kasie and Jordan are models for "Lands End".

Two of our 4 boys will be here for Christmas and one daughter-in-law and two baby granddaughters. 
My son in Oman will not be home and neither will Larry's son in up state NY.  We will certainly miss
them and their wives and our grandchildren.  My mom is still living (almost 92) in a nursing home and
we will spend some of Christmas with her, in church and have to count at church Christmas eve, so
will be pretty busy and that is good. 

 Larry and Donna Boren

New Pictures From Donna 1/23/04
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Jordan Purpura           Tyler Purpura 9 Yrs.      Larry and Donna    Donna, Larry and Judy
Donna                        Nicola Purpura 6 yrs.       At Greenbrier          At Greenbrier
Kasie Purpura
Gabrielle Boren