Tom Du Puy

Hey from Statesboro, GA

I have been well thanks to my my God's hand and a regiment of nutrients that I offer from a lab.
I also have time to do more work on the PHS page. I need input
from all of PHS-ers to put on your page on the site (see my page). I can put up anything
you like. I still work for Christian Churches and Design and maintain web pages.

I also maintain my own the glycol webpage


New Address

cell phone = 615-202-4747
e-mail =;;

High School Webpage =
de Podio Page =

Check out my web page for "at costs" health products.

Check out my web page on Noah's Flood

Carol and Jane my daughter Cathy's first and second

Lucy Tranor mt daughter Cathy's latest.

My  daughter, Lora, and her two sons Sean and Chris (6/04}

My daughter Cathy's little girl Jane.  Trying to get her up to speed for possible
PHS student. (6/04)

My daughter Cathy's little kids Jane, Carol Ann and Nicholas. (6/04)

Me at Kobackers - Click on picture for larger view.

                  A Small Group  5_13_03                     Sarah Rapp 5_13_03

       Connie & Tj in Frankfort, KY  9/2001      Sarah Rapp & Tj  9/2001                      

        Gene Lucus & Tj  9/2001                   Mike and Tom  8/2001             Crennie, Donna and Tom 3/15/02 

           Mike, Tj & Dave  3/2003

 Carol Ann Traynor Walking First Time  Click Here

       Carol Ann Traynor & Pa Pa            Carol Ann and New Baby Jane Elizabeth Traynor


           Zachary Du Puy                                  Tommy Du Puy

  Danny, Cathy, Nicholas          Rick, Christopher, Sean and Lora Lair
  and Coral Ann Traynor

      Zachary, Jeff, Alice, Tommy and Wally Du Puy                        Joan Glass, Sarah Rapp and TJ  Du Puy
                                                                                                   at the Du Puy Gate at Mount St. Michael, France
                                                                                            You will notice that those English people defaced the gate
                                                                                                                    So I put me back up there.