Frank Hunter



A tidbit from me and what I am doing in retirement.


I received fine art training at OSU and in 1959 went to work for a major advertising art studio. I retired after fifty years of art studios and advertising agencies. I have been labeled by many as 'Eclectic'. I accept that because I think a good artist should be able to handle just about any subject in any way and anyone calling themselves an artist should be able to draw very well first and have a basic understanding of human anatomy. However, I am not a social, neighborhood art-club colorist, wall decorator or paint thrower. I prefer to have my work called illustrations as I try to tell a story inside each painting. I have lived each and every one of them in some way.  I have a facebook site with much work not shown on my website. Google.... Frank's Art Emporium.

I can do people, places or things in watercolor, acrylic, line or mixed priced pretty much as you see as you see on my website.


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Paintings by Frank Hunter
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park shop
The Park Shop
The Portsmouth Union Station

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