Janet Morrow Knauff



Good morning,  I look periodically at the web site to keep up with what may be new.  I wanted to give you my e-mail address to load. I keep in contact with Anita Apel through the net and would love to contact others or have them e-mail me.  Your doing a wonderful job with the site.
I just got back from a week at Cooperstown. My grandson played in a tournament there with 63 other 12 year old teams. They came in 9th. Not too bad huh? Going to the AABC world series later this month. I have spent my whole summer at the ball field and loving every minute of it. I'm retired but still work at the hospital 3-4 days a month. Just can't seem to give it up all together. At least I can dictate when I work.
My granddaughter is 10 and does competition gymnastics. She trains at the Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy. Starting In early October I will start traveling with her to gym meets.
Its a good thing I am in good health to keep up with the young people.  Your only as old as you feel.
Again, keep up the good work. When my sister and brother-in-law (Carlton "Butch" Lewis) come up I show them the web site.  Also wanted you to know that I enjoy the newsletter very much.      Best wishes . Have a happy and safe 4th of July.       Sincerely,   Janet Morrow Knauff