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I will attempt to encapsulate the last 50 years into a few paragraphs for the website...I have three
children, 2 girls and 1 son...Julie, Jerri and Jason. Our youngest, Jason, is 22 years old and graduating
from the College of Charleston this year...FINALLY. (Having a child late in life is great fun, but you
never get to retire!) We have two granddaughters, the light of our life. My husband, Jim, is semi-retired
(I hope to retire in a few...actually, I enjoy my job) I work for Wachovia Bank in Charlotte, NC as a
supervisor in the Wholesale Operations Department . I have been with the bank for 11 years.

I left Portsmouth in 1957 and never returned ... got married, had kids, moved around, got divorced,
and finally settled in Chicago where I remarried and had our son. We eventually found ourselves in
Charlotte, NC, close to my two daughters. We love it here in the south, and this is where we will stay.
We do enjoy traveling and have been to Europe a few times (hope to get back), and love to travel in the
West. My sister, Becky, lives in Salt Lake, so I have been to visit her frequently. Until Jason was in
middle school, we enjoyed going to Acapulco every year, but haven't been in a while. I still have a sister
in Portsmouth, so I get back occasionally to visit. I am sorry that I have missed the class reunions ...
hope to make the next one. It's always such fun to get the newsletter and see the various pictures.