Norma Ray


Below is from her daughter Cheri Kopp


Norma Jean Ray  (1998)

Mom died in October of 1998 from ALS. As I sorted through her apartment after her death, I set aside all the little mementos of her life. This shadowbox was displayed at our December celebration of her life.

You can follow the full circle of her life - beginning in the lower left corner with a lock of her blond hair from when she was a baby ending with hair we clipped after her death (I am told this is an old Victorian tradition). In between you'll find high school and college pins and bracelets, wrists bands from the births of her three children, mementos of her careers in real estate, as a weight watchers leader and as a zoo docent, mementos of her travels and a photo pin with her first grandson.

We love you and miss you Mom!

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