Roger Howard


Now live at 4222 Wincove Drive, Groveport, OH 43125.
Moved there on 4-29-2002. It is a condo on a small lake. I retired from the Columbus Dispatch
after 39 years. I kept my two sons from my first marriage, married Marcia who had three girls
& we had two of our own. Four daughters still live near Columbus; the other three live on three
different coasts: California, Virginia & Alabama. The youngest is 32. My wife, Marcia, is in a nursing
home in Columbus. I have always been a avid student of the Bible. I have completed my own
commentary on the New Testament. I also have many commentaries on the Old Testament and a
number of booklets on controversial subjects such as : "Speaking in tongues"  Women place in the
Church" "judging"  "Angels" & other booklets on interesting subjects. I have published a church
newsletter for around 20 years. I memorized "The sermon on the mount" & gave it as a sermon
many times. I teach an on line Bible class of around 30-40 students & assist or teach a Sunday School
class & a Bible study. I am presently the Lay Leader & Lay Speaker of my church. 
Roger Howard